Date: 09.24.23

Mood: Vibin out

Music: Head Like a Hold - NIN

Reading: N/A

Watching: Lost media videos

Playing: N/A

Eating: Quesadilla

Drinking: Dreaming of Caprisun

My XIV Characters, Ktat and Octa have new pages! I'm making massive strides in learning HTML and even on the XIV main page has my first crack at hover img changes and clickable sounds! Ktat now meows at you if you click her!
I'm getting closer to being able to make a sephiroth shrine soon n maybe finally take a crack at my dolls shrine! I am unsure what but I'm super excited to make something! Its somewhat based upon the template I used on the main page by AWHE but I did cobble it together myself!

Check 'em out here!

I FINALLY was able to get the damn parasols! My brain finally let me sleep, meaning it was just the fact that I had an internal deadline because the event didn't have a deadline at the time and I got it done literally 18 minutes before Live Letter.

he's too damn handsome and I'm going to be so damn not normal about him. October 3rd baby I am going to be DOWN HIDEOUS. I wonder who his JP voice is...It seems super familiar to me but I know no matter what language his voice is in I'm going to pass away in the best way possible.

But yes, October 3rd is when 6.5 part 1 drops and while I'm not turbo hype, I am still looking forward to the new content upcoming. The glams are a bit weak for my liking but I do look forward to seeing how people will use the pieces and maybe I'll warm up to them more. I am happy to see Ryne and The First again!

I'm also working on a personal piece! It's on flats right now as of typing this and I'm super excited to show it to everyone when it's done! It's been a rather silent month in terms of art hasn't it! As I finish this off, I caught a nice whiff of fresh air from my window...ah I love them transtional weather seasons~


Date: 09.20.23

Mood: Wehehee~

Music: N/A

Reading: N/A

Watching: Us

Playing: FFXIV

Eating: Maybe Spaghetti

Drinking: Sips o' Pedialyte

My XIV PAGE is basically up and ready! I will still need to add some other links and stuff, maybe try to do the same page links stuff to make my oc/self-inserts history pages and my RP rules and info. For now though its basically done in terms of most of what it sat out to do! Just be used as a tracker.

If you want to know more about them or what servers I play on feel free to poke! I'm not on as much anymore but I do still love to play >3>

Waking up with cramps and headaches at the same time SUCKS and it blows more to be sweaty and have to be attached to your heating pad ALL NIGHT! But on the bright side things are smoothing over and hopefully will be threw soon.
The most exiciting thing today so far is that I got that damn mount on Octavel! I've been so all over the place and feeling like dirt that I could barely get myself to finally sit down and push through to get it!

Look at my handsome boy on his dragon.

The only reason I wanted it on him was because he has massive association with the Pixies of the first and Titania, he would've taken up their mantle if it didn't mean leaving his loved ones behind and even worse not saving the first.

I love the pixies so much that they were his first Tribe quests I finished. Their little dream land was just too Barbie and the Nutcracker for me to not finish them. I even did it around the cold season so I truly was living that Sugar Plum Faerie Realness.

I also spent about 3 hours total the other day playing powerwash sim. Originally it was to play the Spongebob DLC [S/o to Dolly] but realized I had the FF7R and Tomb Raider DLC. I guess it was given out for free and I didn't realize it until just now. Ironically at the start of this month too.

Still got a ways to go on doing the Mog Tome event! I say 16 prae runs but its really just anything that'll give me 14 tomes, 8 on each character adds to 16 so I got my work cut out for me. Hell maybe after this is done and with a little, I'll be right back into it on Octavel!


Date: 09.18.23

Mood: Anxious!

Music: N/A

Reading: This >3>

Watching: Kill Count

Playing: FFXIV

Eating: Hi-Chew

Drinking: wishin for 7-up

Got my TCM 3 "review" out. It's not really a review but it was more like an insane ramble about the film. It certainly was A Film! Read it HERE.

Blegh. Day two of the Red tide has been murdering me honestly, It's been a rough and uncomfortable day in many many ways today. I'm not sure what to do with myself as I'm in a state of floating and barely present.
I would have more to say but the most exciting thing today was vacuuming the house and taking a shower. I used a cold-flash of water to my hair to see if it makes it a touch silky smoother than I'm used to. Not that it'd really matter as my hair is already pretty damn silky smooth.

I honestly think that is actually about it, nothing major today, just a big ol do nothing day.


Date: 09.17.23

Mood: Period Headaches r dumb

Music: Sugar - SOAD

Reading: Cabin at the end of the world

Watching: TCM3

Playing: FFXIV

Eating: N/A

Drinking: Soda and Water

As you can see my blog section got a MASSIVE change! This is a template from REPTH! I wanted to change my blog theme a lil while ago this week but I didn't really know what I wanted and when I went poking around for templates to use for now I found this one again and realized that is is p close to what I want! It's not on the money but I gotta slow down for my own health.

Other than that YET MORE main page shuffling has occured and I think this might stick for a bit until I feel like recoding the site by hand. There will be soft layout changes for holidays or more reshuffling but I think we are good here for now!

While I'm thankful my period has decided to grace me, I'd love if my symptom for non-crampy periods wasn't headaches that are nearly resistent to pain killers! It's fuckin annoying to feel physically not like a cramp or trying to throw my internal organs out of my mouth but your head is throbbing all because you didn't have some fuck and get knocked up.
Like, girl! My partner isn't near me and we are 22! Babies can wait til we're like nearing 30! We ain't ready or able to now!

Nothing else exciting has happened today as it's only 7am at the writing of this. I've had my sleep change back into waking up at like 1am and staying up til 3pm which I think seems to be what keeps my brain working proper...maybe this is my interal clock? Who knows, years of 5am wake up and 8pm bedtimes for school killed my poor lil body and brain that I can't even be sure what kind of sleep makes me function like a proper human. I don't think the depression or neurodivergency helps that either but oh whale!

I'm off now tho! I'm gonna try and take it easy since my body is purging the toxic stuff out of my body so that I do not die!


Date: 09.14.23

Mood: Sleepy...Excited but sleepy

Music: 1 Femuto no Oozora - Hyadain

Reading: This duh!

Watching: Crash Bandicoot Bootlegs

Playing: Chuzzle Deluxe

Eating: Baked Lays

Drinking: Soda and Water

Nothing major on the site once more! Just some small formatting things and for my neocities followers some testing of code I may want to use in the future. I've been prepping for a new theme that will serve as my Sakura Matou shrine that'll be f2u! Though I may end up doing something else. I've the urge to code something from the start. Maybe a shrine to 28 days later?

I've been watching it on loop again -No, I am not sick of it being on loop every few hours- and I've finally taken the dive to read the comics. Its just one of my most adored movies and I want to make something based upon it. I wonder if the old UK site has been archived in any way...

It's my birthday! I'm gonna party like it's birthday!

I'm 22 years old like that one Taylor Swift song, and it's just a pep in my step any other day! Nothing special or major in terms of plans other than watching movies with my friends sooner or later. I started this at around 8am, but it's now 6pm... I had to take a LARGE walk to the store! It wiped me, but I'm so wired about today being my birthday hehe.

I've been watching a ton of Dead Meat of late and been poking into movies that I think I'd enjoy watching, after all a clip comp with plot explanation isn't watching the movie. The video on Tales from the Hood made me remember the film from my childhood and took the plunge to finally watch it. I love the art of film making, so Kill Counts are where I find cool fun facts and things I may not have known about my favorite films while finding new stuff to watch, I think a Kill Count gave me a film that my brain latched onto even.

Speaking of, as per my site update section, I've been watching 28 days later on loop again! Its a movie that I've not been sick of looping, I don't pay full attention but sometimes its comforting background noise and is just such a great film. It means so much to me that I wish to seek out niche merch or things that promoted the movie. Hell even get an autograph from one of the cast! Naomie Harris and Christopher Eccleston would be the ideals, or the director himself Danny Boyle. I've been a fan of Eccleston for years too so...

I Had a huge Doctor Who fixation growing up and His and Tennant's runs were my favorites. Getting something signed by either would make me a happy happy undead.

In terms of Gifts, I got myself Chuzzle Deluxe and Wallpaper engine! Surprisingly as well, my mom got me stuff too! I wasn't expecting anything knowing the current economic standings...

She got me Krusty Cook Off and Moonscars to top off my games, TCM 3 and TCM 2006 with 2003 on the way. I got a bunch on Roald Dahl books because I want to own physical copies of books that I adored as a kid or never got the chance to finish. Carrie was actually one of my first horror novels, so it counts since I was inable to finish it in middle school. The last gift was a Model Kit tool set! I am so excited causeI think locally we have import Model Kits FINALLY so if I ever want to I can finally work on one or even a Garage Kit...though I'd have to have more for a GK.


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