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NAME: Pasta/Pastry
AGE: 22
PRONOUNS: They/Them + Any
I do Roleplay however I am not currently looking for RP partners or to open threads, sorry!

In early 2020, pre-pandemic, My father and I used our christmas money to buy FFXIV since we'd both wanted to play it for a good long while by that point. It was January 2nd in which I made my first character, Octavel Asturmauxe.

My elezen boy started as an oc I was trying hard to not pander to my tastes in fictional men and in a way he currently does but thats not the point is it. From there I slowly chipped at it and of course, once the pandemic hit, it was nearly all I had. I had been self-isolating and not recovering well from a number of things, I still chatted with friends but I spent most of my time alone. In a way, XIV shifted me back to socializing and even helped me heal from wounds that I had only made worse.

I became out-going again, helpful again, sweeter again, I got back in touch with the me buried under years of abuse. I actually remembered the person I wanted to be and made the strives to put myself on the path of healing. The story touched me as all Final Fantasy stories did and words spoken in story became motivators for me. Endwalker was played after cutting the one who abused me most out of my life and it served as a healing journey for me, even with the content that upset me. Afterall, the storm comes before the rainbow.

Like many, I started in Early-SHB, just before patch 5.2? I think the first Nier raid had dropped and it took me til just around early-winter to finish SHB on my main. In the summer of that year, my friend started to play and then I created K'tajha to play with her along with Octavel.

K'tajha, simply put, is me! She's a happy go lucky numbskull while Octavel is the gothic gentleman. I often call them Ktat and Octa to make life a touch easier on me. I speant a lot of time in Stormblood on both as

My father has been a life long fan of Final Fantasy and he's the reason why I am obsessed with it myself. My Dad indeed plays XIV and as I write this I'm sure he's on one of his many Viera alts. He adores the Viera and FFXII.

K'tajha Fhuz... INFO
Octavel Asturmauxe... INFO
Madame... INFO
Czar Dragon... INFO
Belladonna... INFO
MSQ; Octa

Glamour from Mt Rokkon
Flame rank grinding; Ktat
Dawntrail prep; Ktat

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