Born of an Ishgardian father and Gridanian mother, he was raised by the most contentious of lands but neither stood for what either spoke for. His father ran to Gridania after seeing the Dragonsong war's slaughter of innocent auri upon falsehoods, he refused to take pride in the nation and left. His mother also refused to hold pride in the deepwoods nature to Duskwights and moon keepers, often providing warm meals they were rudely rejected or ride to and fro the woods.

Octavel was not an only child, being the eldest of three siblings, often presenting himself haughty and high. He found out his fathers origins in Ishgard and presented himself as such. However in combination, he was a holy terror of pride and defending those at the end of unfounded hate.

Currently, Octavel is a mellowed out gentleman. His heart shattered at the loss of his lover. He is nearly the spitting image of the victorian era man just remove the nasty bits. He is closed off just a touch, fearful that his heart will break just the same as that day in The Vault. On top, he no longer holds pride for ishgard, choosing to hold pride over his caring and firm nature.


Aetherial sickness...I forgot how awful it was.

At least I'm now where I'm supposed to be.

Though, the feeling of being watched is unshakeable.


I think that his extensive use of summoning magics with the catalyst he had chosen has caused nerve damage, making him have muscular problems at times. Short of it, He's got chronic pain in his fingers, arms, and hands as a whole.

If you were to ask him, his favorite things are;
Book: Interview with the Vampire
Movie: Cinderella (1950)
Food: Marshmallows and Blueberry Tarts
Scent: Roses, Sandalwood, and Musk
Hobby: Reading, Knitting, Gardening
Holiday: Valentine's day
Style: Victorian Goth, EGL
Vallerin Asturmauxe

The middle child of the family, he is slightly dim but very well meaning. He is far from stupid but it's clear that he is more of an in the moment man than one that thinks ahead.

During the siege on The Praetorium, he joined by his brother's side as a warrior and has stayed under the study since then.

Currently, He stays at home to help his Father and Mother but does rendezvous with his fellow Warriors.

Lycelle Asturmauxe

The youngest of the three siblings, she is the picture of the stereotypical white mage. Demure and kind, she spends most of her time studying the art of magic alongside her eldest brother.

She did not join the siege on The Praetorium, but she had aided in man young adventurers journeys.

Currently, She has settled in Ishgard to aid in the states reconstruction.