The Daughter of the former Nunh K'vaso and his mate for life K'zumyn Fhuz, she had never grown up in her tribe's lifestyle due to her fathers retirement to become the captain of a ship and taking some of his fellow tribe members with him. K'tajha grew up around mostly men and boys, leading to her boyish nature, however, she often did retreat into books and heavy studying.

Primarily around the world she got to travel to. She became well familiar with areas which they docked to trade. It wasn't long til she felt trapped on the ship, feeling like she was alone and drifted farther and farther from her friends on the ship. A Roe man had suggested that since her mother had trained her well on the way around a gun, she had a shot to be an adventurer of the land instead of the sea.

She isn't stupid but more rather dim. She fails social interactions but excels in political and social discussions even if she's rather passionate in the way she views the world. She doesn't cope well with traumatic events and what she has been through has taken a toll. She is still a happy person, but she's taken time to slow down and recognize that she hurts


Between you n' me, journal, I'm unsure what to make of the situations at hand.

I'm still in that lapse from saving the world and feeling weird about a lot of things.

I can only hope things will be smoother sailing.


Miqo'te are so much like cats, I know this is partially canon already but I think K'tajha takes it further by making cat sounds. She purrs, She hisses, She Meows.

In addition, she can sleep ANYWHERE she feels comfy. A Bench basked in sunlight is perfect.

If you were to ask her, their favorite things are;
Book: Matilda
Movie: Phantom of the Paradise
Food: Apple pie and Cookies & Cream
Scent: Apple Cinnamon and Oceans
Hobby: Crafting, Dancing, Napping!
Holiday:Halloween and Christmas
Style: Cottagecore, 70's, Kidcore
K'vaso Nunh

A former Nunh who relinquished his status to sail the seas with his mate for life. He fell in love with her long ago and both longed to sail the seas without the ties of their home, not out of some sense of being trapped but more to spread the pride of their home. He is a proud husband and father, taking his role of protection very seriously, even considering most of the crew to his sons. His daughter saving the world is how he knew it should be.

K'zumyn Fhuz

A woman of strong character, she impressed K'vaso most of all with her snark and sass. She was the woman that taught K'tajha to work a flintlock, her heart swelling with further and further pride as she saw her daughter become as strong as she knew she was. Seeing her save their home brought tears to her eyes.