What's your favorite scary movie?

Ever since I was a kid, I was morbidly inclined. I always wanted to watch the scary movies that my parents watched, play the games they played, and grew up in a house of the 'weird' kids.

My dad and mother listened to Gothic music, Cult Classics, Horror films of many kinds. This may sound like a dream to all other outcasts but sadly my childhood was less than a dream. In way my retreat into horror was always going to happen, reminding me of better times with my mother. Things are better now of course, but you know how Generational Trauma is.

Aside from that, it took me til age 15 to properly step my toes into the warm bloody waters to watch horror without fear.

Before then mostly when I was under 12, I was often deeply scared of Saw and Chucky. The movie Splinter. The game series Fatal Frame. All have an odd sense of nostalgia and saftey now, even defining my taste in visuals and aesthetics with the grimey looks of Saw and Splinter. I am not in too much shock that Seed of Chucky and Bride of Chucky are my personal favorite films either, I am the BT in LGBT.

My Favorite Genres:

Explotation / Video Nasties

Body Horror / Body Melt


Infection / Parasite



Torture Horror

Found Footage

Recent Watch

What a fucking movie and I mean that in a loving way. This movie was not good don't get it twisted, it's boring and feels like a fever dream through and through. What I wasn't expecting was it to be so campy. This thing had me busting out laughing, I have not had a movie break me in such a fun way before. I was at a loss for words so many times I had to PAUSE the thing on my DVD player. Rare as hell for me nowadays unlike when I was a kid.

I can't even start to explain how this film took me, chewed me up, and spat me out. Like. Tex is so queer-coded it hurts, Babi is peak evil little girl, Grandpa looks like a shit spirit Halloween prop, Tinker doesn't feel real, and Alfredo is the worst sex pest I've laid eyes on. My god this movie is. It just fucking is.

I got this as a birthday gift from my mom and watched it on September 17th. I watched it as my period was trying to start, making me feel weak and achy on top of sleepy. I was in the right space of mind to watch this as this movie embodies the October home from school sick while your mom got you saltines, soup, and 7-up/Sprite. This is shit you watched while you had a fever, shit you say when you were just barely awake and thought 'Huh crazy dream' only to find out that no. You did not invent this movie, it was real, it happened, and you watched the Movie of all time.

This thing was so boring that the shining saving grace was its camp and the Sawyers themselves. The fact the film decided to make them more functional as a family unit who supported each other instead of yelling and being at each other's throats was a breath of fresh air even if it fails to understand that the broken unit is why things are they way there are in a way. English is stupid for that last sentence.

The ending of Michelle "killing" Leatherface with a rock shattered me so fully that as I broke through my laughing fit of her half-assed cheering towards Benny, In my most 'oh she's gone off her rocker' voice I could muster with arms flung in the air, "Oh! The ending parallels the Armadillo she could not kill at the start of the film! Ooooo Symbolism ooooooo! She has developed ooooooooo!"

This Move broke me, this review shows it. It's a bad movie but honestly is fun in it's trash. It will never be good but the fucking absurdity of it all makes it a good movie to just watch for a little pick-me-up insanity.


I'll be transparent and say the day that I watched it was not the BEST and it took me way longer to finish the movie however let it be known, I loved every second of it when I was able to focus on it. I had admittedly chose to watch this because of the killer solely but came out loving the film.

I have never watched a true Giallo movie despite being a lover of many a media that takes heavy inspiration and adoration of the genre. While I know this falls into the inspired category, it truly felt like a Giallo. The soundtrack was amazing and the shots were damn good too. I don't know if it's just me but it felt rather grounded with the subject too, it also felt so nice to have a sister that actually cares about her sister and has a family unit that cares.

Like said, picked this up because of Gabriel...if you know you know. The other reason was because of Dead Meat. The behind the scenes of this film were really interesting. Its a film that did what it sought to do well while mind-fucking you.

I'd have more to say but due to just having fried brain, I can't pinpoint what exactly I loved or hated, it was a movie that I truly just wanted watch. It was good!

Recent Play

I'm streaming this game!

I haven't picked it back up in a hot second but god DAMN do I get why this was such a huge hit back in the day. It's scary and the plot is super interesting, keeps you well invested in each playthrough.


I have wanted to play this game for a rather long time. My first exposure to it was via PushingUpRoses' video on it! Go watch it, she's great.

But anyhow, I'd wanted to play it for a rather long time. I plan to play this soon before I restart my Phantasmagoria 2 playthrough I can't even BEGIN to remember where I was in that one, plus that game has lore with me.

Recent Read
Now, you may read that and say either:
"Wait the movie had a novelization?"
"How the hell did you get a copy of that.
it's 200+ USD on Ebay."

In my frustrating journey to see if an archive of the book was made in any shape or form, someone thankfully made an audiobook of it! In fact I'll just put it HERE for your listening...pleasure? I'll be honest and say that when I found out about this book browsing a TCM tag on SCRAPNICK's blog in her TCM tag cus...well the series had become a hyperfixation after my watch of TCM 2. But anyhow, I'd seen her post that she was reading the book and saw her self-reblog with the direct sentence. Literally the worst book I have ever read.
That's a MIGHTY accomplishment innit?

WELL. I'M THE TRASH MAN, I THROW AND EAT GARBAGE! Sometimes I adore the garbage, other times I do not. The other half of this was wondering just how badly my sugar Leatherface was treated in the book. I am literally going in blind to see just to defend my fictional murderous blorbo from the book.

So far the book has given me gnarly ass whiplash, from the prolouge dropping JFK then the Waco Siege then a fucking racial hate-crime of all things, I knew this was going to be a fucking doozy. I find myself off-put by the prose at times, not sure if it's doing a good job of describing things or it is over-compensating in description. I am not the best at reviewing books over film being honest.

I could've gone a million life times without having to hear the admittedly fast description of a cat's corpse after having a heavy-handed critisim of the meat industry and Slaughterhouses.

1 hour of 9 hours and 42 mins to go...god save me now.

For one of the more disgusting and disturbing pieces of literature, the most disturbing thing is Bateman's consumerism.

On a serious note, while I am enjoying my time with the book. It's been painful to read as someone who hates the rich and powerful but that is, afterall, the point and I'll sure as shit admit it's gotten its point across if maybe a bit too much across.


I'll admit, I was supposed to finish the book before watching the movie but caved. I didn't hate the ending as much as others did and found it to be one of M.Knights better films.

However I do think the treatment of certain things thus far has been more intersting to read about that how the movie presented it.