I will never be a MEMORY...
Sephiroth is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy 7 and its Remake. He was the number one SOLDIER and the son of Hojo and Lucrecia. His father Hojo experimented on him to make him a super-human and told him that his mother was Jenova. He never met his real mother, being told a photo of Lucrecia was Jenova. Tragically, this culminated in him learning the truth and spiralling him down into madness.

When I was young tot, I was super into Final Fantasy. Like. Mega. I still am but this was like living, breathing, eating, etc. I was hooked on it and it was mostly because of Sephiroth. I love other villains but he took over my mind and thoughts a lot. It got me the nickname 'Mini-Seph' from my dad how I often I talked about him. My I-pod touch was flooded with pictures of him, I still remember which old ones I knew I had. I came back around to loving him around pre-remake part 1 release and I missed him so much.

My headcanons for him;
, he's used to be fawned over but he's...more hesitant to enter romantic relationships and even more hesitant if more intimate activity is involved. He just doesn't want to be an object or tool. Not sure where it comes from [I know where it comes from]

He loves to make puns, great at the worst puns known to man. He will always say them infront of Angeal and Zack too

I enjoy the idea of Sephiroth being related to Aerith, primarily as his sister. It was intended in early designs/story that they were to be siblings and being that the only thing that survived from that was the mirror designs [I.E. One is colorful and the other is more monochrome]. It doesn't make sense, I know it doesn't but I think it adds just a touch more of tragedy. Even if canon tells me they aren't related, I will always treat them as siblings and that the two reflect each other even into the final game.