I've been passivley into this series for a long while but with teh advent of info-dumping videos on youtube it made me getting into the series easier and MEGA fast. I'd always had the hots for Calypso and he was at first the only reason I bothered with the game. HOWEVER, I'd slowly come to love the rest of the cast and even understand the hype behind Sweetie Mc Clown boy.

The TV series was a dream come true and it was a delight to watch, John Doe is my best friend actually.

I must admit though, I am DOG-WATER at these games and I blame most of it on my autism and particular need to be good at a game off the bat, or even the desire to just play the game on a physical console. I am poor, I have to emulate cause most of these games are too expensive for me to buy on Ebay and I don't have a PS4/PS5 with PSN to mess with. If I did, I'd probably have to share it anyhow so.

Where I suck at the game, I learn the meta fast and learn the story even faster. So I'd say it's a good trade to be good at understanding but shite at hands on.

Despite all that, I still have from TM1 to Head-On PS2 on hand to hopefully maybe learn and get maybe passable at the game.

AGE: 38 [PHYSICALLY], 1000+



William Sparks, better known as Calypso, was born in 1956-1957 to the Sparks family along with his Sister. He was a messed up kid from the start, collecting road-kill. In fact, it was the desire to have a snake in his collection that spiralled his life into hell. In his attempt to run over the snake, he was unaware of his little sister playing just behind the car, killing her in an instant. After her death, he was forced to clean her blood off the pavement and formed a bond with her doll believeing her soul to reside within it.

Two years after his sisters death at age 14, he and his parents were on their way to rest flowers on his sisters grave, he reached his hands over his fathers eyes and caused a pile up on the road which killed 6 people including his mother and father. This action occured from the desire to die, his own suicidal death wish to do his sister right by dying in a car accident so maginificent.

He found himself a job after hitchhiking at a Demoliton Derby fixing cars. One day, he was shot by the trucker who gave him the job while drunk and giving him the name Calypso by the rythym he hammered the metal. As an apology, he offered Calypso a place in the Derby. An offer he took happily.

20 years in the Derby in vein to die in that explosive way he sought, winning the Derby unscathed every time unlike his fellow drivers and often the audience too. In vegas, he had met a woman named Joanie and had a child with her named Krista. It wasn't long til Calypso grew bored of his wife and cheated on her, she had even caught him a few times but stayed possibly for the sake of Krista. In one of the Derbies, a tire flew off on the cars and hit Joanie in the head.

After which, Calypso and Krista found themself in ramshackle living situations. Motels and their own car in wherever they could park for the night. He and Krista, still just a child herself, took turns driving to get to their next spot to rest.

On one night, he had parked in the lot of a bar for a drink, coming back to the car where Krista slept in the back. He saw the spirit of Joanie who bemoaned being in hell and that Calypso should be there too, he agreed, listening to her saying that he should just 'let go of the wheel' all while Krista woke up mere moments before they both died.

Calypso woke up in hell and was chased by Minion. He had somehow lost him and impressed the devil with his escape that he offered him a drink that made him the Calypso known today and placed him in charge of Twisted Metal. Twisting the rules to his own whim to funnel more souls to hell no matter if they win or lose...

His only to-day playable apperance was in TWISTED METAL 4, a maligned title to say the least. His car was literally equppied with nukes. He wasn't fucking around.


Off that bat, he was a shit dad on top of a shit husband, but the way that he acts in Krista's TM2 ending makes me think he regrets that fateful night where he commited suicide along with taking Krista's life. If only things were better.

Even with the death of his wife, I think he still made attempts at making Krista happy even if they were basically homeless sleeping in a dingy old car. Krista was always in the middle of Joanie and Calypso's fights and was terrified of what would happen. I honestly think that both parents neglected Krista in their own ways, but still loved Krista all the same despite the mess that was her life.

Krista's out burst in Head-On is her realizing just what her father has become due to his demonic powers, she feels used to kill and can't live in a world where he is nothing of what she knew him to be. Her wish results in her no longer being dead from the car crash, but instead alive but in a coma.

It's clear that they still care and love each other and that's what often makes my heart shatter.


Personally, I like to think that Calypso named Krista himself. Being that he's still hanging on to shattered memories of his sister, he named her after his dead sister Krissy.